NATURAL LEAVENING: Active Principal Yeast

When I go back to my loving childhood memories, I remember the image of my mother making dough bread using natural yeast, her simple, careful attitude, the magic of natural leavening, till the fragrant, sweet-smelling bread still warm from wood-stove baking, which I wanted to taste first and at once, together with my father’s oil.
Since 1989, my family and I have been devoting all our passion to every dish, searching only for first-rate, Italian ingredients. Now we’ve decided to share our “food” enthusiasm for healthy eating with you, increasing the value of traditional “principal yeast”, dating back to a past when time devoted to food preparation was a matter of great importance.
In a more and more frenetic world, we have then decided to go against the grain, leaving the dough naturally leavening till two days, choosing the best 100% Italian wheat, mill-stoned flour. And the result of all this is a much more digestive, healthier dough.
If you want to know more details about the millenary art of natural leavening, we suggest you to read these introductory pages.